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Rye high and the achy-breaky mile

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by , April 13th, 2016 at 09:09 AM (73 Views)
Toronto really was a blur of family fun, city exploration and swimming. I managed to squeeze in a fourth day of swimming this past Saturday there, logging a pretty slow partial version (3K total) of my 400 IM test set in a rare 25 yard pool at Ryerson University -

(photo linked from the Ryerson Recreation website)

I didn't complete the entire workout for two reasons. First, I was slow and so that tends to reduce my motivation to do a straight 400 IM in workout. Second, it took me awhile to find the pool as it appears that the complete recreation facility was underground. I reached the address location - 50 Gould Street - and figured I'd see a massive building, but, instead found a grassy park. I walked around for a bit, back out to the main streets until I finally figured out that I had to go underground to check into the rec center, down another level to the locker rooms and another level to the pool. This 'dungeon-like' old pool reminded me in some ways of one of my favorite pools I used to swim in growing up, the tiny & cramped Virginia Commonwealth University pool (now gone the way of the wrecking ball) ...

(photo linked from the VCU website)

There was always a meet there in early January and I'd come off mega-distance winter training, do a very small drop taper and simply rock my distance events. I only wish I had had that feeling while swimming at Ryerson.

I got back home on Sunday, took a planned day out of the pool then and could only carve out 20 minutes for a 1,000 on Monday as I tried (and am still doing so) to dig myself out of the vacation hole at work. I attempted my Broken Mile test set on Tuesday (most recent notes from SCM version here - and was really running pretty well on this:
  • 50s - 32, 32, 31+, 32, 32+, 32+, 32, 32+, 32)
  • 100s - 1:05, 1:06+, 1:06, 1:07, 1:07+
  • 150s - 1:39+, 1:42

... but had persistent leg cramps throughout the set and blew off the last 100 and 150.

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