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Thur April 14

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Swim/SCY/Solo @ Sewy

600 various
100 scull
12 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :45
100 EZ
3 x 15 AFAP UW breaststroke wall kicks + 50 EZ
100 EZ
10 x 75 back kick w/fins @ 1:30-1:45
-- UW 15m+ each length
250 EZ

Total: 2450


I just did a recovery/hypoxic workout today after yesterday's double. My energy is up and coughing is down. But I have really honked off my left shoulder. Hurts exactly where Water Rat's does, not an uncommon place for me. It hurt to pull with my left arm. Because of a cancellation, I was (luckily) able to get an appt with my chiro at noon tomorrow. I'm icing now with my active wrap and I'll do some scapular strengthening later. I plan to to kick most of the workout tomorrow night. I don't need another injury! I suspect it was yesterday's plyos that caused the reaction.

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