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Katia J Hoberman

Outdoor pools finaly open

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Its been months since last post,
nevertheless still going strong with Chris Ritter strength training. DL's like 165#, back sqts 95# and over head press55# amongst other crazy looking faces exercise with strenuous pushes and pulls. What a difference in my swimming the w/o's have made. In the mid of my swim workouts at about after 2000m (variety sets) its as if my body is a speed boat on top the water!! amazing.. I'm sure its all in my head!! and for me that's ok.. I just love to swim!!

Here in Houston the weather is great and the outdoor pools (not all) have finally opened up!! Totally could use some sun!!

I've been teaching adults to swim (I'm ALTS Inst.) and am loving every moment of it. Feels great to help people achieve their goals learning to swim and feeling more confident in the pool!!

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