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4|18|16 flipped out

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300m easy kick

100m broken, easy fr sprint

4 x 50 on ?:?? as 12.5 flutter/12.5 br/ 12.5 fr/12.5 UWDK

20 x 15.3m TD on 0:30
  • flipped UW to develop rollspeed

40 x 5m on 0:15 UW push and flip (arms back)

50m of forward flips

50 ez fr sprint with fins/snorkel

Illness has fizzled out, just mild chest crud remains, plan to get rid of that outside tonight. Left front shin also improving.

Re-insulated attic this weekend with 12 bags of non-fiberglass stuff. Yoga allowed me to accomplish this task effectively and without injury.

Hack squats
Pushups (hands/feet on blocks) with elastic resistance (about 55 at top)
Negative pull-ups
lower back
back of legs

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Updated April 18th, 2016 at 10:22 PM by __steve__