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4|26|16 SCM

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Easy swimming yesterday mostly with fins doing drills and what-not. Did accomplish a few sprinted 12.5's, one supersonic flip turn, one 25m flutter kick blast with some degree of taper guilt, but I should be OK.

Roughly the same today but replaced the drills with dives from sides + UW flips, about 20 easy 15.6m turn drills with varying number of strokes leading in (to be ready for anything going in wall), and midpool and static flips forward and reverse, on side, etc, until I became seasick.

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I like the MP snorkel so much better than the finis. It stays put, has better flow, doesn't catch, drag, or move around on the head. It fits very snugly is quite comfortable, and the strap ratchet seems well engineered and durable (unlike finis IMO). The only thing I needed to get accustomed to was the mouthpiece, which is a little bulky and made clearing water after UW's different. Was just a brief learning curve however.

The Arena fins are very similar to the Hydro Tech II's I've been using for several years, but not as wide or long. They have less grip to walk in and not as propulsive either. But the best part is that they fit me: The Hydro's are cut to fit feet with big toes that are shorter then the adjacent toes (weird feet IMO) which required me to modify them because of cramped space, and even then my toes were still getting beat up. The Arena on the other hand, has a drain in the area so my big toe sticks out and are finally liberated.

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