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Nats Day 3 - humbled and still happy

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by , April 30th, 2016 at 09:32 PM (222 Views)
This was a rough day - recorded the two worst times I've ever done at a Nationals in both the 500 free and the 200 IM - and, yet, still emerged from the GAC today happy and smiling.

500 free

  • Best time jammers - 4:50.18 (Greensboro '12)
  • Last year in San Antonio - 4:55.30
  • Today - 4:57.60
  • Comments:
    • Going into the race, I had figured that going under last year's time was going to be a breeze. I wasn't confident that I could get down to the time from 4 years ago, but I figured something in the 4:52 to 4:54 range was eminently doable.
    • My race strategy was pretty simple - try to go out the first 350 and hang with whoever was in the lead while keeping 13SPL and a tight, two-beat kick. After that I intended to ramp up the stroke count to 15 for a 75, while still keeping a two-beat, and then intended to add the legs for the last 75.
    • I kind of did that for a bit, but struggled to keep the stroke count at 13 by about the 200. I was only at 14, but was definitely not feeling a lot of love and juice coming from my arms. When Steve Unruh started his move around the 300, I asked my body for the next gear ... and it wasn't there.
    • In the end, it wasn't so much that I died, but I just never had a faster gear - splits were 56.4, 59.9, 1:00.8, 1:00.5, 59.9

200 IM

  • Best time jammers - 2:00.94 (Greensboro '12)
  • 2014 Santa Clara - 2:01.99
  • Today - 2:06.59
  • Comments:
    • Well, that sucked. Started slow, felt kind of beat from the get-go and never got going. Probably my worst ever swim at a Nationals ever, I'm pretty sure.

... but, whatever disappointment I felt from the IM dissipated later in the day as my father, older sister, daughter and I got ready for the mixed medley relay. Ahead of the race, we spent an inordinate, yet mildly hilarious time trying to get a mixture of family photos and then got down to the event. In the end, we weren't competitive (as we were in the 18+ age group), but we had fun. We wrapped the family fun with a very nice dinner out tonight.

... and I'm looking forward to the 400 IM tomorrow!

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  1. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    Super fun to be and swim with family. Good luck tomorrow and safe travels.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    That sure was a stacked age group of Forumites for the 500! Sounds like the family fun was just the ticket for you. Rock out the 4im tomorrow!
  3. Water Rat's Avatar
    I can attest that you emerged very happy yesterday. All smiles. That's what it's all about