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5|4|16 LCM

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Greenville LCM meet next month - approaching fast. My 50 fr will be 2nd event of the day on June 18 early afternoon. Also considering the 100 fr, 50 bk, 50 br, 50 fl, and not sure if we will have enough attendants for relays. Pushing the legs now, they are the first to go in LC, so I can taper them properly.

500 warmup with fins and snorkel

- 100 kick on 3:00 as 50 flutter fast / 50 frog easy
  • 49 on first flutter, slower after

- 50 flutter kick on 2:00
  • easy kick first then build each to all-out last 18 M (60's + - 2)
  • noticed kicking from hip more pronounced gave me 2 extra seconds to rest

1 x 50 fly with fins and snorkel relaxed, loose and flat (34)

I don't keep tabs on my distance, but that was about 1200 LCM - plenty for me

Drylands: stretching and yoga poses for about 90 min

Nationals was such an experience. Was also the greatest learning curve I've had at a meet. I watched how the stars accomplish races. I took it all in. Everyone seems to have their own process, but when they are on the block, they are confident and ready.

Did an interesting plyometric exercise yesterday: hop forward ten times each leg X 10 while holding arms forward (classic Frankenstein arms). Worked those muscles not worked often

Need to fix one of our cars. I believe it could be a fuel pump. Hope I can swap it without dropping the tank.

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