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5|5|16 LCM

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About 1000 M easy fr, bk, and drills with fins, with snorkel most of the time

3 x 100 well rested with fins
  • 50 easy sprint NB (29's) / 50 easy kick on back

2 x 50 fr without fins easy sprint, taking one breath

4 x 50 fr with fins
  • 18 M AFAP from a shooter / 32 M easy

Slept on couch last night. Didn't rest well. My neck hurts. But I had a very pleasant swim today.


Weights - every muscle group worked at about 85%


It's not the fuel pump. I hooked up a 9VDC battery to the pump and it worked. I believe it may be the alternator. First, it has 240,000 miles. Second, engine actually runs when jumped from another car but as soon as the cables are disconnected, it dies.

About the car, Thursday morning, 1 hour before I left for Nationals it died while my wife was driving. I had to pick her up and push the car up a small hill in a parking lot for a tow truck. I was so worried about my legs. I can't say if it had an impact or not, but I did exert 100% force pushing it. I am thankful however, it happened while I was still home. Will be looking for a reasonable replacement car this summer.

Miss them already
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Updated May 5th, 2016 at 10:01 PM by __steve__



  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the car. It does seem like the alternator or voltage regulator on the alternator. Its pretty easy to test it with a multi-meter and to replace the alternator (I don't think you can get them separately anymore), but first check to see that the belt is tight. Here's a good link for how to test them:

    Good luck with it Steve.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    belt is tight

    Just bought an alternator / regulator. Will install tonight once i know for sure its bad as I'm checking everything else. Also checked the battery, it charges and holds at 12.24 VDC. A little low, but good enough.