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5|6|16 LCM

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1700 easy drills and fr with fins and (most times with) snorkel

50 bk / 50 br easy sans fins

50 fr NB, easy sprint NO fins (33)

20 x 13m fr AFAP on 0:30

10 x ~18m fast on 1:00 with fins fl odds / fr evens, 18 easy

300 flutter kick warmdown (7:20)

I am flabbergasted about swimming a NB 50 LCM without fins! I believe I could've added a turn too, without drowning. What has helped my hypoxic endurance is just the simple old-school holding of breath at random times on dryland (except while driving). This does change everything about my strategy for next month's meet. Not sure if I can endure 50 LCM while adrenaline surged and 100%. But at least I know one breath would be plenty

Have not really taken a day off swimming in about 3 weeks, and as long as my body holds up I don't plan to take off. Did swim only 500 I think tuesday though.

Talked to one of the Palmetto coaches at the pool today and congratulated him on his team's performance last weekend - 2nd. Such a vast team they are in members.

Plenty of work to do in yard this weekend, no drylands planned. Tonight I shall have a conclusion on our car.

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