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joel schmaltz

Chlorine Derby

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We have done something similar to this for a few years. Obviously more a fun workout and we always have some fun with it.

8 lanes/stations, ~ 10 min/station with a minute or two to switch up

400 choice loosen up

1. "Fastest two minutes in sports". 25 sprints @ 60
2. The Preakness Stakes, 6 x 100 @ 1:30 at 90%
3. Belmont Stake the longest dirt track
--7 min swim, see how far you can go
4. The sanctuary equine sports therepy & rehabilitation
--10 min of water running 30 sec sprint/60 sec easy with water belt
5. "Blew the turn"
-- work turns from middle of pool
6. Dover Downs harness racing
--swim hooked to the stretch cord (or whatever they're called)
7. "Closer"
-- work finishes from middle of the pool
8. "Lame horse"
-- 8 x 50 descend w/bouy @ 60

I'm sure we'll get back to the grind on Monday but this
one was different and fun. I think I need a horse.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Sounds like fun
  2. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by __steve__
    Sounds like fun
    it was fun. Playtime might be over when we head in tomorrow though