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Of Swimming Bondage

Mid-May Muddle

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by , May 17th, 2016 at 07:21 PM (125 Views)
After my semi-decent workout last Thursday at Stanford, I proceeded to have ...
  • Friday the 13th - up too late the night before prepping for a crazy full day of client meetings; not even time for yoga, but some intriguing professional options came out of the day
  • Saturday the 14th - I headed out to the gorgeous Canyon Lake for the 4,500 version of the AZ Open Water series (e.g., results here I drove out with my friend Peter and got to catch up with a few people pre & post swim. The water was perfect and the turnout was great, with a lot of kids from Scottsdale Aquatic Club doing the event. The course was four times through a 1K loop followed by a mini 500M loop. Here's how the race felt for me
    • 1st K loop - felt great, probably in top 10 pack of kids; catching some good drafts here and there
    • 2nd K loop - losing the kids, but "ooh, there's Kurt as I pass the first buoy, let's try to hang with him!" ... proceed to lose the Dickson Draft and start wondering why I didn't sign up for the 1,500 'sprint' distance
    • 3rd K loop - midway through this, I just bonked. Some might say completely. Lots of teenaged girls started to pass me. By the end of this loop, I was resigned with just going for a completion.
    • 4th K loop - "Peter was way smarter in signing up for the 3K. Damn, this hurts."
    • Last 500 meters was just a slow slog

  • Sunday the 15th - nothing besides a lame 1.5 mile dog walk
  • Monday the 16th - some light yoga and an easy 1K in the pool after a busy day in the pool.

This morning, I finally had some energy and managed to roll through a variant of my aptly named Mid-May Mountain Muddle (workout #1, I won't get to swim or do anything tomorrow as I'm on a 6am flight over to Cali.

I hope I can start training again with some semblance of earnestness on Thursday.

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