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Of Swimming Bondage

A doctor, a COO and a data dork walk into a Cactus ...

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by , May 23rd, 2016 at 11:35 PM (265 Views)
... Aquatic Center. I had the great treat to align the stars this morning for Kurt Dickson, Stewart Carroll and I to workout together when Stewart was in town for work. We met up in Scottsdale, each got our own lane in the competition end of the pool ...

... and attempted to go through a workout that Stewart had called the "Old Farts Version" of a workout he had given his kids. Based upon my performance today, I needed the "Way Older Farts Version."

  • 400 free on 6mins
  • 4x75 kick, drill, swim by 25 on 1:10 IM order
  • 2x4x50 4,5,6,7 lines off each wall on :50
  • 4x(4x25 on :30 done as open,close,easy,fast)

I was late diving in due to a dentist appointment and so did an easy 100, the set of 50s and the set of 25s.

Threshold Set
  • 1x100 on 1:05
  • 1x100 on 1:20
  • 2x100 on 1:05
  • 1x100 on 1:30
  • 3x100 on 1:05
  • 1x100 on 1:40
  • 4x100 on 1:05
  • 1x100 on 1:50
  • 5x100 on 1:05
  • 1x100 on 2mins
  • 6x100 on 1:05

I made the 1, 2 and 3 on 1:05, but on the round of 4 was 1:03, 1:04 and then switched to a 1:10 base. On the round of 5, I pretty much did the same thing - made 2 and then switched to a 1:10 interval. By the round of 6, even though we all took more rest before that, I didn't even attempt 1:05 and just went on 1:10. I was not a good training partner for either Kurt or Stewart as they were way ahead the whole time.

Aerobic set
  • 2x(
  • 200 holding constant DPS on 2:30
  • 100 at 500 pace on 1:15
  • 200 holding constant DPS and negative split on 2:30)

I think I was brain dead when Stewart was describing this set, but I managed to swim 900 yards, even if none of it was anywhere close to what was written!

Warm down
Assigned - 400 easy
Did - stretching on the wall!

  • It was great to have this opportunity, but I wished that my body was in better shape to keep up with these guys. I still counted me going 4,100 yards, which is about the longest workout I've done since Nationals, so it was good, physically, for that. Mentally, it was just fun, even with my performance in mind, to train with them.
  • Stewart and I should have fun workout tomorrow morning down in Mesa and then again at Stanford on Thursday.
  • Today was just the kick in the ass I needed to get myself re-started and focused again in my training.

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  1. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    Thanks for the invite. See you next time.
  2. Water Rat's Avatar
    That set is a rough one and should only be attempted with swim friends. Do not attempt that on your own. Good show though Patrick. I'd have kept you company at the 1:10 level