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5|24|16 SCM

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Drylands yesterday:
Plyometric parkbench hopping - 20 each (spent about 15 - 20 seconds for each rep)
  • hop on the seat platform form ground, hop on the tabletop, hop down to the seat platform on other side, hop down to ground with a fully loaded land to then jump AHAP in streamlined position

Weights - chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs

SCM today (outside)

No details but did a variety of everything, drills, kicking, 8 second sprints, UW's, USRP, basically had fun in the sun and water. About 80 minutes

Recently started swimming in briefs, bought two (tyr amazonia and a tyr fusion). Never used briefs before, had always been jammers. I feel faster wearing them for some reason.

Greenville LCM meet, June 18 and 19
Distance Stroke
3 50 LCM Free
8 100 LCM Free (50 fr SR)
9 50 LCM Back
16 50 LCM Breast
22 50 LCM Fly
23 200 LCM Free (50 fr SR)

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  1. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Briefs are the way to go. Unless you are swimming with a team I'd say the toughest part is that first couple steps out of the locker room.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Definitely faster from the locker room to the water! In the water it just seems faster