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New pool + SF sun & 50% to a bonk

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by , June 2nd, 2016 at 08:06 PM (82 Views)
I resolved to do a little work on strengthening my legs (which fell apart over the course of the four days at Nationals), as well as add some variety to my aerobic work and started back on the treadmill on Tuesday morning at the JCC. I just did a 20 minute variant like I have done in the past ...
  • 5 minutes walking warmup at 15:00/mile pace
  • 6 rounds of
    • 1 minute running at 10:00/mile pace
    • 1 minute walk at 15:00/mile pace

  • 3 minutes additional cool-down at 15:00/mile pace

... and then went for my first swim (my standard 1,500 warmup sets) in the re-designed, expanded and re-built pool ...

... making that my 232nd pool. As I swam and thought about this number, I also realized that I need to pick-up the pace if I'm to reach my 1,001 pools goal -!2016-Summ...f255d230f132c2.

On Wednesday, I was back in San Francisco, but after getting in late the night before, couldn't rouse myself for either Stanford's 5:20am or Burlingame's 5:30am workouts. Fortunately, Burlingame had a 7am workout and I got in a great 3,750 SCY with Corey Ferrara coaching. The only thing I didn't count on was bright sunshine - it's usually still cloudy at the time of morning - and was a little afraid I was going to show up to my client meeting with a red face as I had not packed sunblock. I guess all my years swimming in the more powerful AZ sun helped as a barrier as I just browned up a little.

As I'm now heading to New Jersey for a Friday - Saturday mid-year strategy meeting and unsure of how much pool time I'm going to get, I made another attempt this morning at Stewart's 20 x 100 set (, but I probably should've taken the day off as I started to get a pain in the left shoulder, right in the ball & socket joint, mid-way through the second round of four. I was holding decent times - 1:05/06 in SCM - but the pain got pretty searing on round three and so I switched to kick midway through that, and then kicked the fourth round. I haven't had that kind of pain since 2013 and I certainly don't want a repeat of that. I've probably overdone it a bit over the last 11 days. In a good way, my work meetings will force me to take it easy, athletically at least, for the next two days!

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