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6|9 and 6|10 SCM

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SCM yesterday:

Very exhausted and had little energy therefore a very light swim doing:
  • free, br, bk, bubble rings, and flutter/dolphin kicking using a 5' x 15' foam platform as kick board

no drylands

SCM today:

Recovered and entered taper, all work < 80% effort

50's on 1:00 - 7 free, 1 br, 1 bk
~ 65 minutes of the following as ~ 1 : 5 work to rest average doing:

  • drills with fins
  • 25 nb free's (and lesser amt's bk and br) with and without fins
  • Vertical kicking with fins
  • yoga-like stretches at surface and UW

Ready to embark on yardwork then perform a major rewiring project for my car's alcohol injection system

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