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USMS Book Club (July-August 2016)

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by , July 1st, 2016 at 12:00 AM (4128 Views)
When I took the helm at SWIMMER in 2009, we occasionally reviewed swimming-related books or works by USMS members. As a lover of books, I was excited to have a reason to read more.

USMS boasts an array of talented writers across many genres: everything from childrens books and memoirs to science fiction novels and cookbooks. And not only writers, but artists, poets, musicians, photographers, and video storytellers. This is not to mention all the stroke technique, nutrition, and fitness books from industry publishers such as Velo Press and Human Kinetics.

There were so many that we couldnt keep up with the volume of works submitted for review; the collection in my office could crush and bury me if an earthquake hits Southwest Florida.

But I have a solution: Announcing the USMS Book Club.

This idea isnt newfangled. Several threads in the USMS Discussion Forumsstarted by other book lovers years agocontain some great titles that we can include in our new club. For now, the club remains informal (in my brain and on this page) but stay tuned for future updates and opportunities to share reviews of your favorites.

To get us started, heres a six degrees of separation breakdown of the connections between swimmers and books in this issue of SWIMMER alone:

The cover story, a feature profile of illustrator and author Lisa Congdon, by award-winning writer and SWIMMERs managing editor, Elaine K. Howley, includes a review of Congdons latest book, The Joy of Swimming.The foreword to The Joy of Swimming was written by the legendary Lynne Cox, whose award-winning books have also been reviewed here. Several of the swimmers featured in Congdons book have written books, been featured in, or contributed to SWIMMER, including Karlyn Pipes, Jeff Commings, and Jane Katz.

Sports nutritionist Sunny Blende reviews Pip Taylors The Athletes Fix from Velo Press as part of her feature, Five Steps to Creating and Following a Healthy Diet. Volunteer Profile writer Kristina Henry also wrote the children's book, The Fish Tank, which was reviewed in a 2011 issue. And Susan Dawson-Cook, who wrote the Spring Nationals wrap feature, publishes steamy romance novels under the pseudonym Sabrina Devonshire.

Award-winning broadcast journalist Lynn Sherr of ABCs 20/20, whose list of accomplishments and awardsincluding a Peabodyis longer than many books, contributes an excellent review of the off-Broadway hit Red Speedo for the Hot Tub. A profile of Sherr appeared in our January-February 2013 issue, written by Laura S. Jones, whose collection of short stories, Breaking and Entering," was also reviewed in these pages.

Sherrs book, SWIM: Why We Love the Water, is a must-read in the ocean of swim literature. It will be my first official USMS Book Club recommendation. (See the masthead for more recommendations by the staff.)

Later this year, David McGlynn, whose darkly beautiful memoir A Door in the Ocean we reviewed in 2013, will be profiling New York Times bestselling author and swimmer, Susan Casey, who wrote the amazing nonfiction adventures The Devils Teeth and The Wave. McGlynn will review Caseys latest book, Voices in the Ocean.

Summer is both swimming and reading season, so with this preliminary list of suggestions, I wish you happy reading, great swimming, and much enjoyment reading about swimming and swimmers.

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