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6|22|16 SCM

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Outside Pool:

10 x 50 fr on 1:00 warmup
7 x 125 on 3:00 as 75 flutter kick / 50 fr
2 x 25 fly on 1:00 with fins
50 fr (100 pace) from block


19 x 0:17 - 0:18 run on 0:40, easy walk on rest. Covered about 1.4 mi

I did swim at a meet last weekend. Made two consecutive no-brainer mistakes on both 50fr attempts destroying the swims. Following that, I felt physically and spiritually drained, did a 50 back, then decided to ditch the following swims for the next day. Learned my mind needs to be at the meet to swim properly. I shouldn't have gone, but I was registered and did plan for this event for a year, so I made the trip.

The first mistake was recovering my arm fully UW thinking I was at the surface. The second attempt I did it again, and it was just as bad! This happened because I was deeper than I go at practice. I was deeper because my legs weren't flexed enough on the block (a problem I fixed already). My relative center mass to height ratio is high, so I tend to go at too steep of trajectory, so I've learned to crouch more to nail the starts - forgot to do that. My improper block form was because my mind was preoccupied with things other than racing, both positive and negative.

I need to train the brain more somehow.

I DID get a nice shirt however, though it was much more expensive than what I paid.

Next meet is SCY late summer. My team will be there to keep swimming properly.

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