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Wed July 6

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Swim/SCY/Solo @ BP

500 various
100 scull
4 x 50 single arm fly
4 x 25 shooters
100 EZ
3 x 30 burst SDK + cruise from the blocks
150 EZ
16 x 25
odds = 100 pace @ :30
evens = EZ @ :45
200 EZ

Total: 1850


Just a short pre-meet workout. Going to try to find a place to get in an easy swim today. Lil Fort's part time summer job is sort of getting in the way of pool time. She has XC practice and is then working as a messenger at Mr. Fort's law firm. But that means I have to drive her downtown and then sometimes go back and pick her up at 5. Pretty much prevents me from going to adult swim at Lebo. I am also still feeling pretty unmotivated and meet-ed out. I may just swim this weekend, and depending how it goes, call it a summer. The only downside of this meet is that it is very early, way too early for me. The meet starts at 8:30 am and 50 fly is the first event unless they are some 800 free relays. Trying to figure out how not to be half asleep when racing ...

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