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Of Swimming Bondage

Whimsical Wednesday

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by , July 21st, 2016 at 01:19 AM (93 Views)
Thanks to something going on in/around Thousand Oaks, hotel rates pushed me all the way to Oxnard last night; that's a bad thing for the drive from Burbank and back to my client in TO this morning, but a very good thing for my ability to make the Ventura County Masters morning workout at the exceptional Ventura Aquatic Center (aerial view courtesy of Google):

The pool was long course and the Masters team had the whole thing. I ended up logging 3,400 LCM and none of it was too hard, but we started with some more whimsical sets that included streamline pushoffs at mid-pool from the bottom and feet-first sculling on our backs. I did push some things here and there, but mostly just enjoyed the long course morning.

As whimsical as the morning was, my evening was the opposite. I got caught in the Great Southwest Glitch ( and had my flight cancelled back home. Not a good week for Southwest in my books, but I'll hopefully get home tomorrow morning ... re-booked myself on American

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