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7|27|16 SCM vacation recovery

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Arrived home from paradise this morning at 1 am. Exhausted from playing too hard. While on this vacation I managed to wake up by 4:15 am three times (Jul 15, 18, and 20), early enough to attend masters practices at the Pisina Olimpico Roly Bisslik, coached by Aruba's swimming legend Roly Bisslik . I was lost at first since the instructions weren't English, then a neighboring swimmer interpreted for me. They all thought it to be strange that someone would get up early to workout during vacation time. I didn't think so until they pointed it out lol

About the coach, a very impressive fundraising swim accomplished by Coach Bisslik in 1988.
10 hour swim from Venezuela to Aruba against the current, through treacherous conditions (the calm resort beaches are only like that next to the island, the surrounding ocean you can see waves breaking from inside a cruising aircraft).

SCM outside today
50 min of easy swimming, most with the monofin

core, lower back, and stretching

Beginning of the 2nd half of vacation I made a big mistake by doing squats at the hotel gym. Everything was going good until one rep I did something wrong and the lower back just went out. Still hurts now, but it's getting better, and I didn't let it interfere with our trip either, though it did slow things down a little. Just had to go and do squats.

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