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Of Swimming Bondage

Not-so-ready-and-yet-happy to race

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by , August 4th, 2016 at 08:29 PM (120 Views)
This is the world's longest kick-in-the-pants ( ...

Sunday, July 31st - Actually had a very fun and hard workout doing my "Fartlekking around" workout from here - My times were more respectable on rounds 1 and 2, but then I totally crashed and burned on round 3. The good news is that it was a legitimate crash & burn from having put forth a lot of effort.

This week started off as planned with a quick 1,450 SCM at home Monday morning before a flight over to San Francisco for some mid-year strategy meetings and team events with my team. We had some fun at EscapeSF ( and then a great dinner at The Barrel Room (, highly recommended for a small group party), but the evening ran late and it ruined my resolve to hit the 5:20am Stanford Masters workout on Tuesday.

I did manage to get over to Westmoor-Giammona in Daly City Tuesday evening and somehow manage to get through a backstroke rendition of my Aussie 200 workout in the scrum that is evening lap swim there. Never have I experienced a pool that is so different between the utter calm of morning lap hours and the ten-ring circus that is evening time there - with a mix of poorly managed lap lanes, swim lessons, swim team and then random kids doing WTF wherever-TF they feel like. It's a great testament to the value of a community pool, but maybe a little more chaos than I needed.

The unfortunate side effect of a harder evening swim on Tuesday night meant that my mind was alive until well after midnight ... which meant that I didn't make the Burlingame Masters workout on Wednesday morning.

I'm back home today and did squeeze in what I can call an 'Aussie 100' workout this morning, clocking in 2,250 SCM before my 7am call.

As for racing this weekend, I am kind of excited to head down to Tucson ( on Saturday to race the 200 free, 200 back and 200 IM. I don't expect my times to be fast, but, since I've swum it so rarely, there's an outside shot I could get a best time in the 200 back. What's really cool is that, with only 83 TOTAL swimmers entered in the entire meet, we have a completely stacked 200 free...

name time
Darian Townsend 01:49.3
Jared Moreno 02:02.8
Jordon Belton 02:04.0
Adrian Kirkpatrick 02:05.0
Patrick Brundage 02:06.7
Jeffrey Utsch 02:07.4
Justin Madison 02:10.0

... I only wish I was in shape to be able to hang with someone in that heat! I think I'll be lucky if I'm sub 2:15!

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  1. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    Good luck this weekend. I'm off to swim the final leg of Utah Triple Crown tomorrow (10 miles in Deer Creek Reservoir). A week of night shifts and a 10 mile swim should be just what I need to put me in to full blown AIDS. See you.
  2. Water Rat's Avatar
    Good luck Patrick. You'll be great.
    The Aquatic Rodent!