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8|16|16 outside

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by , August 16th, 2016 at 06:56 PM (2638 Views)
Swam on the 13th for about an hour of the typical - SCM pool

Moved my daughter back to Clemson on the 14th, then went for a 20 minute OW sprint swim in lake Jocassee. Wore board fins and snorkel. Sprints were 0:20 to 1:30 long, with easy br or scull floating for recovery. Forgot to bring my recognition buoy, so I was on a constant lookout for boatorist. This lake is somewhat clear for warm freshwater. I also got spooked from swimming upon a stream of moving bubbles which concluded with a disruption of sediment at bottom (gator?)

Today: SCY outside pool
208 yds easy kick with MF

1 x 52 fly with MF

5 x 52 fr with MF on 1:30

10 x 52 fr with MF on 1:00

11 starts off block + B/O + 3 strokes
  • easy br back to wall

208 of easy freestyle

5 x 26 fr easy sprint hypoxic on 0:50

Measured this pool with my tape roll to confirm my prior doubts due to times and satellite imagery: 26 yards.
Google maps is pretty darn accurate if done correctly (taking account gutters and shadows).

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    My parents retired to Seneca, SC next to Clemson and I swam and water skied in lake Keowee just west of campus 100s of times with family, friends and my kids. Never heard anything about gators in that area. Gas bubbles could be from bottom mud and decomposition or I think possibly turtles in the bottom mud.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Good To hear there's no gators in that lake. Definitely plan to swim there again, and possibly as my first OW event.