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8|20|16 SCM

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by , August 21st, 2016 at 12:55 PM (894 Views)
Swam on the 19th, was similar to the 18th

8|20 was easy to remember:
150 fr and 25 br warmup
20 x 25 fr NB on 1:00
20 x 25 kick, touch and go (dolphin out / frog in)
300 of easy drills and slow fr

Started to feel burning on last few lung buster NB's. Never done more than 12 before this I think.

Starting to recover feet higher during frog kick. Doesn't help preload the kick, in fact hinders it a little, but it is definitely more streamlined. Br is so technical.

Plan to hit the gym this evening, might even run a little. But my right foot's skin is torn up for some reason. Have a torn callus on the bottom, the big toe has those skin splinters (I use to get as a kid from running around in the pool), and the skin is dry. Not sure why just the right foot is affected. Both feet however, have MF blisters. Need to spend a week in aruba soon to heal everything again. I wish!

evening: 8|21 1.62 mile run in 13:33 88F

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