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Reset #3 - The final re-start?

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by , August 24th, 2016 at 07:19 PM (70 Views)
Life does have a habit of getting in the way. It's now been two weeks since I last posted and, while that doesn't mean I've been totally dry, I haven't been nearly as wet as I would have liked.

I had a long trip that ran from Friday the 12th through Saturday the 20th that included
  • Celebrating my in-laws' Golden Anniversary in lovely Lethbridge, Alberta.
    • No swimming, good wine, too much food, too much fun, gobs of awe for the happy couple.
    • My wife and I are so fortunate to have both sets of our parents alive, healthy and having crossed this magical marital threshold.

  • Getting stuck in Toronto trying to get to New Jersey from Alberta thanks to thunderstorms in NYC. This happened on Sunday night and started off a crappy week of training.
  • Getting delayed horribly as I tried to get to NYC a second time on Monday evening on my re-scheduled flight. I didn't get to my hotel until 1am and this meant another day Tuesday of no swimming.
  • I did manage to add a new pool in New Jersey, swimming a slow, but complete Broken Mile workout at the Metrowest JCC in West Orange.
  • Spending a couple of days back up in Toronto helping #2 daughter get setup in apartment. I got a good tour of Toronto's western suburbs as we hit every box store imaginable and then had the joy of navigating back through downtown and the special torture that is IKEA construction!
  • Still, in addition to the positive of time with my daughter, I managed to swim in two new pools:
    • Downtown/Grosvenor YMCA with a nice, airy 25 meter course, but I was pretty tired and only managed 1500 SCM.
    • North York's conveniently located (right off a subway stop) long course Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre. Swimming here made it my 249th pool on my list. It's rare, at least in my experience, to see a 6 lane long course pool and this was really crowded (probably because they had very limited lap times), but the two-lane setup worked well as I got to swim up the center quite often and practice my open water sighting over a 2,500 LCM swim.

Toronto YMCA ...

Douglas Snow ...

I got back home on Saturday and did a very slow 2,500 workout Sunday followed by almost as slow over my 2,750 SCM workout on Monday. I did a mixture of running, longer dog walks, some pushups and planks yesterday.

Today I did my Broken Mile workout (e.g., and didn't even have the drag suit to blame for my performance. My 50s were 36+ -> 38s, my 100s were 1:16 -> 1:18 and I was 1:55, 1:57, 1:56 on my 150s.

Feeling and like it's going to be a long road back. The nice thing is that, thanks to some commitments my wife has this week, I am grounded from business travel and enjoying being home.

Looking ahead to the fall, I think I can see more opportunities to be consistent about my training. My racing plans are completely up in the air. Thanks to another trip to NJ, I am now not going to be able to race the Dana Point / Salt Creek open water swims.

Looking at our AZ calendar - - I know I'll enter and race the Ron Johnson meet. I'd like to see if I can focus my training and just point to that one. I'll try to get to the Oct 1st and Oct 23rd open water swims, but we'll see what life brings.

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