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by , September 9th, 2016 at 09:04 PM (2615 Views)
SCM yesterday afternoon:
500 warmup with snorkel 7:44
300 fl/fr drills with fins
10 x 50 on 2:00 with fins ans fr fast/ez

lower back, hips, upper rear thighs

2 am SCY swim in pool completely void of any lighting, except for a half-moon, star-lit clear sky, and a few passing aircraft. Just over 2k yards at extremely slow pace. Very relaxing, HR stayed below 110 bpm, concentrated on body position and form

5 x 400m on 10:00
tried to hold solid 1:40's but kept shooting 10 - 5 seconds too fast.

Not a runner and I don't care for it, but I plan to take my annual fitness evaluation in November. If I run 1.5 miles in under 10:30 (as well as easy max points in pushups/situps/waist) I will achieve 100 points. For a 10:30 I need to hold 1:45 400's and I'm trying to develop a solid 1:40 pace, but it appears I have just 1 speed (1:33), which is way too fast for me to hold for over a mile.

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Wow, I'm envious of the midnight swim. Sounds delightful.

    So you're in the Air Force?
  2. __steve__'s Avatar