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After a long rest

Week 295 - Saturday

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Today was setup LCM and it's the 16x100s day. I decided I was going to focus on form and stop if I felt any pain in my elbow. My all around conditioning has noticeably dropped due to kicking for 6 weeks or so. My legs feel strong but my aerobic base is shot. It's not the end of the world but it made this workout tough.

400 free with snorkel
6x50 finger tip drag drill with high elbows breathing right on 1min

main sets
4x200 on 3:30 as 100 kick on board, 100 swim(#1 and #2 back, #3 and #4 free)
16x100 on 2mins done as 8x100 free at pace(I wish it was race pace but alas it was not), 8x100 kick

warm down
200 easy

i was coming in around 3:10 on the back and 3:05 on the free. On the 16x100s my elbow started to hurt at about 6 so stopped at 8 and flipped to kick. I was holding 1:09/1:10 on the frees and 1:40 on the kick.

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