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Friday Oct 28

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by , October 28th, 2016 at 06:16 PM (5667 Views)
I went to LA Fitness and did 1100 or so with some 100 pace 25s and a couple bursts. I saw the Ortho prior to the swim. He said that it is definitely not a bicep issue -- too strong on all the physical tests and no pain. Which is a relief, I guess. He also doesn't think it is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. It just would be nice to know the identity of the culprit. I'm going to do some more bloodwork to see if there is any rheumatological concern. I went to the cryosauna today and that definitely helped. I wish I could go tomorrow but they are booked. The Ortho cleared me to swim in the meet on Sunday. I feel like the swelling impedes my flexibility somewhat and is uncomfortable. But at this point I see no reason not to go. I won't be on my A game after the last stressful 10 days where I've been in the water so little. But I think I'd be happier there than sitting at home. So I will Rocky it up. If my arm swells up too much, I will skip the Battle of the Drop Dead Sprinters at the end -- which would be quite sad really. So few of these races for my ilk.

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Good luck on Sunday. Wow, that's so strange about the swelling. I hope it starts to turn for you.