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B Game, Sprint Classic

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by , October 31st, 2016 at 10:34 AM (3552 Views)
I took myself and my swollen arm down to the Sprint Classic. I've felt horrible in the water the last couple days. I kind of ignored that thinking that it was stress/sleep related/not swimming much. But I realized after warm up and a couple races (duh) that the lack of circulation was causing fatigue and really driving up my heart rate. I only swam two events, and ended up scratching the battle of the drop dead sprinters. I was too exhausted and my arm was slightly numb. I did set two 55-59 national records in my pet events, although with quite mediocre times for me.

50 fly, 27.0

The start, turn and underwaters were all solid. But I could barely get my arms out of the water the last 2-3 strokes. I know that is not training related. And I only take 13 strokes in a 50 fly. I was so tired afterward that I knew I shouldn't attempt the 100 IM. My fly and free feel the worst right now. Hopefully, I can do a :26 later in the season.

50 back, 28.1

Same story here. My start and underwaters were solid. I did have a bit of a glide into the turn. My turnover lacked some zip, especially the second length. I haven't done any AFAP backstroke since August while getting over bicep tendonitis, so I felt a little rusty. I could not get my heart rate down after this race for a long time. Hopefully, I can knock this time down some more later in the season.


Later in the evening after I got home, the overall swelling went down and is now localized in the bicep area again. It seems like some kind of lymphedema ....idk ... I had KT tape on before my races. I took it off and was bruised in the entire area, suggesting little circulation. I'm off to get a chest CT scan this am and have a cupping and cryosauna appointment. I had planned on a meet in November. But I'm not going to compete until this clears up. And it looks like I will have to go back to mostly kicking, again.

On the upside, I got to see my PV friends!

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