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joel schmaltz

My SCY Meet Plan

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by , November 15th, 2016 at 06:56 PM (2346 Views)
Maybe writing this down will help me get focused. I understand that work and life disrupts our routines however there have been times when I just haven't felt like swimming.

Luckily, this SCY season there are some great meets close to home.

Dec 2-4 SCM state meet in Columbia
-- I probably will only be able to go on that Sunday due to prior obligations

Feb 10-12 SCY state meet here in North Myrtle.
-- Less than ten min from the house. Gotta love it.

March 4th fun meet in Wilmington NC
-- Maybe I'll swim some "off" events here and have some fun

April 8-9th Dixie Zone Championships in Cary NC
-- This will be the big one for me and it will take that long to get myself back into shape.

Maybe I'll pick a different event to focus on this SCY season. I usually concentrate on the 2IM. I haven't had a descent 200 or 500 in years. Maybe I'll consider a completely different event and have some fun.

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