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Hosting a registered swim program with USMS

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by , December 6th, 2016 at 08:02 AM (2267 Views)
Q: Why should my aquatics facility host a registered swim program with USMS?

A: U.S. Masters Swimming values partnerships with aquatics facilities, programs, and the swim coaches who are bringing the sport and joy of swimming to adults across America. Together we encourage adultsdiverse in age, background, and abilityto swim for health, wellness, fitness, and, optionally, competition.

Together, we service our missions in an effort to make aquatics available as a meaningful, valuable, and fun experience for our customers, members, stakeholders, and communities. Swimming is a lifesaving skill that lasts a lifetime. Together, we can inspire adults to swim and live a safer, happier, and healthier lifestyle.

Hosting USMS Masters Swimming and USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim Programs brings exciting adult aquatic activities to your facility and will enhance current programming. Professionally trained and certified USMS coaches and instructors provide the passion, leadership, and technical skills needed for a successful campaign. They have the knowledge to work with a diverse cross section of adults across all ability levels. They understand the adult learner and how to motivate, encourage, and bring fun to the sport and skill of swimming.

The first step to developing a successful program is to register a club with USMS. Once youre registered, youll begin receiving all the benefits of membership from our organization. These benefits include:

  • Your program and aquatics facility listed in the searchable database on usms.orgswimmers looking for pools, Masters programs, and adult swim lesson providers use this site to locate valuable information about aquatics facilities and programs.
  • Expert advice from the USMS professional staff. The Club and Coach Services staff provides phone, email, and on-site support at no additional charge. CCS provides marketing materials and club development guides and resources to help foster successful programs with our partners. CCS will help recruit, train, and certify your Masters coach through the USMS Masters Coach Certification Program.

The USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim Program staff will help you launch or enhance your swimming lesson program for adults. The USMS ALTS certification course teaches adults the skills needed to teach other adults how to swim and become safer in and around the water. This adult-specific training will enhance any certified swimming lesson program your instructors currently teach.

  • Access to post job listings and recruit coaches and swim instructors

These and many more benefits are part of the commitment USMS makes to ensure that our program partners have the resources necessary to establish, develop, grow, and maintain vibrant Masters Swimming programming.

Please contact any staff member at the USMS National Office for help. Together, we can share our love of the water with others.

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