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Katia J Hoberman

Strength & Swim

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Deadlifts 135# 6, 145#3 2 circuits
KB swng fast35# 20 2 crcts
Asst pull up 10 2 crcts
Spd ski fast 6 2 crcts
Brdg drg 20# 2 crcts
Knl sad thr fast 16#5 2 crcts
Bk Sqt 80#5 2 crts
Sqt jmp 5 fast 2crts
OH Prs 60#4 2crts
Psh press fast30#2 crcts.

Long 500 easy
4;25's Otter
4;25's back easy
4;25's caterpillar
8;50's kick mix kick sets
2;400 cool

I can't thank my my personal trainer Chris Ritter enough for all my progress. His excellent guidance has made me become a stronger swimmer!
And my personal coach Corrie UH COOG's for helping me with percition, giving me great direction and confidence to face up coming competitions!!

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