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Katia J Hoberman

Strength and swim

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Deadlift 135, 2nd crtct 145#
Swing KB 35# 20x 2 circuits fast
Asst pull ups 10x 2 crcts
spd skiers 6x 2 crcts fast
Bridge drag 20# 20x 2 crcts
kneeling side throw 16# 2 crcts fast
Back Sqt 80# 2crcts
Sqt jump fast
OH press 60# 2 crcts
Push Prs 30# fast

450 warm up
10 50's mix kick,free, back, breast, dolphin,otter
6 25's caterpillar
6 100's catch up, pull, tight turns, power off wall
6 25's breaststroke
6 25's otter
350 easy cool

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