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Of Swimming Bondage

Nines and oughts, once kind, now naught

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by , December 21st, 2016 at 12:47 PM (137 Views)
Back when I was younger, the times around my decade transitions - the "nines" ages transforming into the "oughts" - were magical times of gifts my body bestowed upon me both in and out of the pool, e.g.,
  • From 9 to 10, I remember the wonder at going from not even being able to qualify for state swimming championships at nine to becoming a 'contender' at 10
  • Nineteen to twenty brought even more magic to my swimming as I finally really learned to swim fly which transformed my 400 IM from a filler event to my best event
  • The transition from 29 to 30 found me really not in the pool, but with even better gifts - my oldest two daughters born in 1996 and 1997

After that, though, these decade transitions have not been so kind, with my body betraying me rather than rewarding me: the transition to 40 brought me a diagnosis of bilateral hernias in 2006 and eventual repair of these in 2007. I barely competed or trained in either of these years.

As I look ahead to turning 50 next year, I had envisioned a great 'age-up' year like I had when I turned 45, but, alas, it is not likely to be. I finally got around to having an MRI on my long-ailing left shoulder. While I am sure that the pain is thanks to a long history of swimming, I had never had shoulder pain in all my years of swimming until I did a ~9 to 10 mile lake swim back in 2012 ( and I continued to train hard through 2012, but eventually did a course of useful rehab / PT in 2013. My shoulder's never been the same since that time. Over our Thanksgiving trip this year to Miami, I had some particularly intense bouts of pain just walking around that lovely city and made up my mind to get this checked out.

I got the MRI last week and only my family practice NP has shared the results, so I don't know how bad it is. It looks scary when I read this:
1) You have tendinosis of the supraspinatus tendon with a partial thickness tear
2) You have arthritis of the acromioclavicular joint with build-up, which is pressing on the rotator cuff
3) You have a mild deterioration of the teres minor muscle with some swelling
4) You have a mild biceps tendinosis

I'm assuming because #3 and #4 are "mild" that those can be taken care of with some combination of rest, rehab. I don't have a follow-up appointment with the orthopedist until January 3rd and expect to spend much of the discussion then on points #1 and #2.

Until that time, I'll probably swim and kick lightly through the holidays, but don't expect to be posting here until I figure out what my rehab plan looks like.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday and New Years! I'll check back in 2017.

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Ugh that stinks! I'm sorry to hear another one of us is on the DL list. I hope you're able to recover
  2. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by flystorms
    Ugh that stinks! I'm sorry to hear another one of us is on the DL list. I hope you're able to recover
    Thanks, Kari. I appreciate the good wishes for my recovery.
  3. scyfreestyler's Avatar
    Geez, three of USMS's most followed bloggers injured at the same time. I suppose this is an inescapable aspect of adult sports. Hoping you can recover quickly and without any knives or needles involved.
  4. Sojerz's Avatar
    Somebody once told me that we have the universal laws of gravity and entropy working against us as we age - pretty tough competition.

    Hope the appointment on the 3rd goes well and you're able to rest and recover your way through with time.

    Take care and enjoy your holidays and new year - great to have your family around.
  5. knelson's Avatar
    Good luck Patrick!
  6. aztimm's Avatar
    Glad you're getting this looked at and hope you can get it all resolved fairly quickly.

    I think you know Lindsey who swims down at Kino? You should talk to her... She's had at least 1 shoulder surgery, and she does all kinds of PT to keep both shoulders in check (and she's younger than you are too). If you're not connected to her on FB, look at my friends there.
  7. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scyfreestyler
    Geez, three of USMS's most followed bloggers injured at the same time.
    Actually, reading about each of Leslie and Stewart seeking and getting treatment finally put me over the edge and convinced me to get the MRI. Thanks for the well-wishes.
  8. sunruh's Avatar
    sorry young man about your issues.
    i dont have any spare parts from mine to give or i would.
    however, i can go shopping at lowe's/homedepot with you and show you what you need.

    ice ice baby...and ibuprophine till it kills your liver and then finally surgary