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Katia J Hoberman

Power phase & swim

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Snatch 25# fast
Swing kb 35# fast
Lunge jump fast
Spd skiers 10x fast
Slam 16# med ball fast
Tuck jump fast
Asst pull up 12x slow
Push ups 12 slow
Goblet sqt 30# slow

450 catch up pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall
20 50's mix kick set free, back,breast,dolphin, otter
12 25's caterpillar
6 100's catch up, pull, alternate side breathing
6 25's breaststroke
6 25's otter.

My swim coach is out of town for the holidays, I really feel I need a change of pase, this workout is becoming effortless unless I shorten the times, but then again I feel the technique may begin to weaken.

Also wish I had someone to do these swim workouts with!!

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Katia - have you looked at some of the workouts posted in the forums? You could find something a bit different while your coach is gone. There are some good ones in there. Print them out and put them in a baggie to protect them.
    - Kari
  2. Katia J Hoberman's Avatar
    Thanks Kari,
    I have looked into some of the workouts on the USMS site and have tried some of them as well in the past, I think I've just gotten used to being coached on my workouts that if I'm doing them correctly versus doing something wrong in movements/ strokes ext.. But you're right, I'll look into the site again! Thx!!