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Katia J Hoberman

Long swim

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500 easy, catch up, pull, tight turns, working on dolphin off wall
10 50's mix kick sets, free,back,breast,dolphin,otter
300 mod fast pace, bouy, alternate breathing sides
10 50's mix kick sets
10 25's breaststroke
10 25's fly, one arm alternate
10 25's otter
900 easy, catch up, pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall.

great swim!!

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  1. Kenny100's Avatar
    Katia, I have been a masters swimmer for awhile, but do not know what the otter stroke is. Could you tell me? Thanks

    Ken Gardner
  2. Katia J Hoberman's Avatar
    Hi Kenny, my coach is strengthening my backstroke kick and position of my body to help save energy and prolong endurance. The otter is just simply kicking on your back having feet and toes just below the surface, big toes almost hitting each others tips, hips are slightly dropped, back is like the hull of a boat, core is tight, shoulders are alternating popping out of water. I hope that's a good description!!😆