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Katia J Hoberman

Strength & Swim

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Deadlift 135#x6. 1st set. 145#x3. 2nd set
single arm row 45#x10. 1st and 2nd set
Bridge drag (sandbag) 20#x20. 1st and 2nd set
kneeling rollout 10x. 1st and 2nd set
assisted pull up x8. 1st set, 5 2nd set
waiter carry30#x20 yrds 1st and 2nd set
back Sqt 80#x6 1st and 2nd set
overhead press 60#x4 1st and 2nd set

500 w/u
8x75's kick w/o board,4 and 8 MAX efforts
6x 100's pull, bilateral breathing,tight turns,power off wall
12x50's drill/swim 25's work all strokes free,back,breast,fly
6x50's free hard effort
300 cool

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