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Few Swims

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Friday, 2/24: Swim/SCY @ Sewy

600 various
10 x 25 power kicks
50 EZ
7 x 50 various
5 x (8 x 25) @ :55, :50, :45, :40, :35
I did
R1 = fast
R2 = 100 pace
R3 = 100 pace
R4 = odds shooter
R5= odds shooter
100 EZ

Total: 2350

Tuesday 2/28

around 2000 @ LA Fitness
can't remember what I did, nothing strenuous, a few 100 pace 25s

Wed 3/1: Swim/SCY @ Pitt

250 various (got in a bit late)
8 x 50 kick (they were doing something else)
8 x 50 kick
50 EZ
12 x 25 kick @ :45, pretty fast
3 x 50 EZ (they were doing 100 IMs)
12 x 25 kick @ :50, pretty fast
3 x 50 EZ
-- got out a bit early

Total: 2000


So, I've been getting in the pool once in awhile. I have to say that I am very unmotivated. It's dull as dirt to just kick with your arms at your side. And without a meet to plan for ... eh. I have been on the treadmill quite a bit. Unfortunately, I also strained my thoracic area somewhat. Not sure how. Probably just doing a lot of casual pulling and and hauling with my arm (groceries, car doors, chopping). I have to actively think about my 10 lb limit. In other news, my insurance company denied coverage for my angioplasty. I must say, I didn't see that one coming. My dr submitted an appeal without me even asking. He said it was the first time he'd ever had a denial of coverage for this procedure. If they deny coverage again, I will be appealing and suing. Really outrageous. Any least my next appointment is in just 3 weeks. Fingers crossed for the all clear. Though I know that if I am cleared, I will have to proceed very slowly and cautiously.

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