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Having Fun

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by , March 4th, 2017 at 11:37 PM (2388 Views)
A busy week kept me from getting in much in the way of working out, but still enjoyed what I did.

Did an easy 1000 yard swim. Very easy like a warm-up. Just wanted to stay loose.

A very active day! Started off this morning with the following swim:

300 easy warm-up

8 x 25 drill on :45 - odds are 3 rt/3 Lt/3 full fly, odd are heads-up free

8 x 25 drill on :45 - odds are 12.5 underwater, 12.5 stroke, evens are double-acting back

8 x 25 drill on :45 - odds are fly AFAP with fins, evens are kick on back

100 easy

1000 yards

Early this afternoon, I took my dog out to the track and we did a 1.5 mile walk/ run as follows:

Walk 400 meters

1600 meters as follows:. Sprint the straights, walk the curves

Walk 400 meters

This evening, I bowled 4 games. Hoping to join a league this summer!

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