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by , April 3rd, 2017 at 07:30 PM (2738 Views)
Until last month I had not swam in a meet since 2012 Summer Nationals.
Finally decided to try and get back into it after a long lay-off.
So on March 18 I entered a small age group meet in Jackpot, Nevada. Signed up for 3 50's; free, back and fly. Times weren't that great but not bad considering.
Here's how I did: 50 free - 30.31, 50 fly - 33.72, 50 back - 35.96 (NQT).

Encouraged by how I did, I entered a meet in Nampa Idaho this past weekend.
Did the 100 free, 100 back and 50 free. I was very pleased with how I did and actually exceeded my expectations.
Here's how I did: 50 free - 30.04, 100 free - 1:05.14 (NQT), 100 back - 1:15.51 (NQT).

I guess if I could've swam these meets a month earlier I could have entered Spring Nationals. Perhaps I will consider Summer Nationals now.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Welcome back!