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Of Swimming Bondage

The Incrementalist

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by , May 1st, 2017 at 08:58 PM (97 Views)
I have been taking my PT's advice on slow growth of my training volume very seriously. Last week, I completed a total of 6,600 SC Yards over the course of the entire week, bringing me to a massive 23K for the month of April

I've been doing something seven days a week, usually broken between "Run" and "Swim" days:
  • Run Days - primarily a run/walk treadmill workout where I've been slowly increasing both the ratio in favor of running and upping the speed. I pair that with my "Home PT" routine to focus on my shoulder. I've been very consistently doing this 3 days a week. I am still not far or fast on the treadmill, but my last run on Saturday was 2.6 miles over 26 minutes, of which 15 were running and 11 walking.
  • "Swim" days - I have been roughly keeping a 2/3rd kick/drill to 1/3rd swim ratio and only increasing total volume by 10% per week. So, last week was 6,675 yard equivalents spread over 4 workouts. I'm also adding in my 20 minute home yoga routine in these days. When I swim, I am primarily focusing on form and working on a few weak areas:
    • I am doing 5 SDKs off every back or free wall, whether I'm kicking, drilling or swimming.
    • Most of my swimming is breaststroke.

I am feeling pretty good physically; actually, very good. I haven't had to pop a painkiller in weeks now and my shoulder feels great. With 160 days of sobriety behind me, I've turned my diet attention to my next big vice - sweets. Over the last couple of weeks, I've significantly tapered down my intake of my empty calories - donuts and cookies being the primary culprits, especially when I travel. Starting today, I'm attempting to cut out junk food 6 days a week and will see if employing the 'free day' concept for sweets is something I can maintain.

Looking ahead for my workouts, I'm going to morph into a 6 day a week workout plan, alternating run days and swim days, but taking one day completely off. I won't bump the total yardage up this coming week as I'll plan for 3 swimming workouts of 2,200 yard equivalents (which is more than a 20% bump from my prior longest workout of 1,800). I'm still going to keep the 2/3rd - 1/3rd ratio for the time being.

As for my competition plans, I'm probably going to swim a one day LCM meet in June, entering just breaststroke events, and then swim one or two days of our AZ summer state champs later in July. My aim, though, is to just get back to a point by September where I can think about starting to train harder. My real competition focus is on spring Nationals in Indy. I've got a year and 9 days to get ready

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Great job Patrick. You are showing admirable restraint and I have a feeling it's going to pay off for you in the long run.