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1st Meet in 7 months!

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by , June 11th, 2017 at 06:27 PM (190 Views)
I not only made it down to the Mesa Aquatics Masters LCM meet today (, I actually swam three events and did my best to push/race two of them. As I've not swum any long course since some time in 2016, have 'trained' a total of less than 90K yards over the entirety of 2017 and not gone anything fast-ish longer than a 50 SCM in workout, I wasn't expecting much.

It's always good to remember that Performance Satisfaction = Results - Expectations.

So, while my times were slow, I was pretty ecstatic with the meet today. Here's what I did:
  • 50 breast = this was the first event and I just wanted to stretch this out and see what my stroke felt like long course. I made a rookie mistake wearing 'loose' practice goggles, dove up too much and almost touched the deep bottom of the pool, the end result being that my right goggle filled up with water. That really didn't impact my result, though, as I just wanted to have this feel like the first 50 of my 200. I was 41.62, which is well off my 36.34 best time, but that was to be expected.
  • 200 breast - This was the event before the meet that I wasn't sure if I would swim, but after the 50 was the event I was most excited about. I have no idea of my splits, but I felt really smooth and strong through the 150. I definitely tightened up on the end and wished that I had worn my new heart rate watch as I was a long time on the wall after the race huffing and puffing before I could get out. I was 3:02.70, which was 12 seconds off my best.
  • 100 breast - Now, here is where the competitive mind got the better of me. Figuring that I had cruised the 50 at 41 high and that I was clearly averaging 45+/46- on the 200, I was sure that I could go a 1:25 on this. I came close at 1:26.14, but my lack of any conditioning work whatsoever showed here. My best is 1:18.94.

There is a 99.99% probability that this will be my only meet this summer, though I do plan to go swim the State Open Water Championships in a couple of weeks - - where I will swim the mile. As of now, my plan is to swim it as a mixture of breaststroke and backstroke and just use it as an enjoyable lake swim.

What today did do was ...
  • Show me that I am getting better and better as I swam without any iota of pain today.
  • Remind me how much I LOVE to get on the blocks, dive in and race.

I didn't swim much or swim fast, but I left with the same kind of endorphin high I get after a huge taper meet where I've performed well.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    So glad you ended up swimming the meet. Congrats on no pain. That's a big deal.