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After a long rest

Budapest Week 7 - Tuesday

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Yesterday was a very rough work day and as a result I struggled sleeping.

This morning I drug myself out of bed and forced myself to the gym for a recovery workout.

20 minutes on stationary bike
3x(elbow exercises and shoulder exercises, wrist flexor, dumbbell pronation and supination with 17.5lbs, elbow flexion and extension with 27.5lbs, weighted External rotation with arm abducted using 12.5lb dumbells)
20 mins of back, arm and leg stretches with a foam roller

Swimming pool setup scy

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on :50

Main Sets
2x(400 IM as 16x25 on :30 as kick,swim,drill,swim
2x200 IM as 2x4x50 fast/easy by 25 on #1, and easy/fast by 25 on #2
4x100 IM on 1:30)

warm down
300 easy

This was done as long and smooth swimming. Nothing too fast but aerobic heart rate!

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