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After a long rest

Budapest week 7 - Friday

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It's been a really long week this week. I slept well last night but as has been the case most of the week, I did not have enough sleep. Today I am hosting our company stakeholders meeting with about 700 or so attendees; and th theme is Turn back time by sonny and Cher. I am playing Cher. Lucky me. Who does not want to see an English man in drag?

todays workout was pretty tough.

Pool setup scy

Warm up
400 Free with snorkel
6x50 catch-up on :50

Main sets
400 kick
3x(200 back on 2:30, 200 free at 2:15, 2x50 free on 32.5 or back on :35, 100 easy on 2mins)
200 easy
Drop a second 50s free starting at :40
200 easy
10x50 streamline back kick with fins on :40
4x50 dive sprint 50s free

Warm down
300 free breathing 3,5

I did ok on the 200s back going 2:19,2:16,2:16 by round, then consistently held 2:07s on the 200s free and then 30/31s on the free and 33/34 on the back. On the descending 50s I got to :30 which was ok. On the dive Sprints we'd were going on about 3mins and was :24,:25,:24,:25. I just don't feel that great on the 50s but the times were fine.

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