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After a long rest

Budapest Week 8 - Monday

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I had a great fathers day and spent time with my wife, both my kids and my mum and dad; cant ask for much more than that. Despite a nap yesterday I was really tired this morning and probably well overdue a day off or at least a full blown recovery day. The way my schedule is working out I start to back off when I go to training camp with the kids on 4th July so I should start to feel ok I guess sometime after that. This morning I felt exhausted! Monday tends to be very aerobic centric and today was no exception.

Pool Setup LCM
Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on :55

Main Sets
3x(2x50 back drill on :55, 200 free on 2:40, 100 back on 1:25)
3x(50 fast kick on 1min, 100 kick as 50 fly, 50 flutter on 2mins, 50 kick as 25 fast, 25 smooth on 1min)
3x(5x100 free Rd1 on 1:30, Rd2 on 1:20, Rd3 on 1:15)
200 easy
3x(300 free on 4mins, 100 back on 1:30)

warm down
200 easy

Despite doing ok today I just never really got going. The transition set was surprisingly hard and the closest I came to feeling good today was on the 15x100s where I made all of them. The 300s at the end felt horrible and I just felt steam rolled today. Just no energy and very tired.

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