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After a long rest

Budapest week 8 & 9 - catchup

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The past week has been extremely busy on both the work and personal front. I swam Tuesday through Thursday last week(Budapest week 8) and i am feeling pretty decent in the water. Friday through Sunday my daughter swum at the George Block Invite in San Antonio. The meet was at Northside ISD Aquatic center which is really an awesome facility. My parents are visiting from England and our original plan was for my wife and mother to accompany my daughter and I to the meet. Unfortunately my mother was sick and my wife stayed at home leaving my daughter and I to travel together to the meet. I managed to get a workout in at the Old George Block pool which was setup as 25m, but that was the extent of my swimming over the weekend. The couple of days off probably did me good anyhow.

My daughter had an incredible meet and got her Futures cut in the 200 back and missed her Juniors cut by just over a second. She is very young but her time qualified her to swim with our Senior team at the NCSA summer champs meet in Indianapolis the week after TAGS in early August. She has improved a lot as a 13 year old and we are hoping that the Indy meet will be a fun meet that gives her some great experience surrounded by older girls on the team she idolizes.

We got back from San Antonio at midnight on Sunday and I was very tired on Monday but hauled myself up to swim. Monday afternoon I had to head to San Francisco with work. My customer is in Redwood City and I was able swam with Stanford masters on Tuesday and Wednesday. As usual the group at Stanford were awesome and I had a lot of fun. Wednesday morning Hannah Boyd who was one of the few Stanford girls not at nationals this week trained with us. Hannah was really fast and was equally as nice. It's always great to see talented athletes who are also very grounded. Patrick(pwb) was in the bay area for work also and we managed to grab a quick breakfast together after practice which was fun.

I arrive home at midnight again on Wednesday but managed once again to haul myself up and out of bed for a morning swim. The swim this am was not that great but I was there and will feel better for the swim. I should be back on a normal schedule the rest of the week.

Next week I am heading to Grand Junction, Colorado with our senior group for a 10 day training camp at University of Colorado Mesa. My primary role is coach but I plan on training at altitude while I am there, but the schedule will be very busy. Unfortunately I also have to do some work while I am there but should be able to fit everything in. I am very lucky that my work role allows me some flexibility.

It's already been a crazy swimming summer and it's only going to get better as world's approaches.

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