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After a long rest

Budapest week 8 - Saturday

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Yesterday Tom agreed to put pads in the pool this morning and we suited up for some fast swimming. I felt pretty good during warmup and swam great for where we are in the season; I was really pleased with where I am.

Pool setup LCM

Meet warmup
400 free
6x50 catch-up on 1min
6x50 kick on 1:10
6x60 as open, close, easy on 1min
200 easy

we then suited up and did 3 swims. Since I have not really gone all out since the surgery I have gradually been increasing both distance and intensity over the past few months. One area I have not really got to yet was dive Sprints. Today I choose to swim the 100 free, 50 free and 50 back. We swam about 200-300 between swims and these were on a pretty short rest interval for dive sprinting.

100 free 59.3. I was hoping to be under 1:01 so this was a really nice swim and until about 75 I felt awesome and then the elephant jumped on my back. I am not swimming this in Budapest due to the event lineup but I like swimming this LCM and I think it's a good gauge as to where I am right now.

50 free 27.0. This would have read so much better as 26.9 but it was another good swim and other than breathing way too much I felt awesome.

50 Back 31.8. I kicked out way to far on this 50 and came up too deep. Despite this it was a great swim and I was very happy.

This is the first time I have really gone for it and was a little apprehensive but I was very relieved that I was completely pain free in my elbow.

I am heading to Colorado on Tuesday for a 10 day altitude camp with my senior group and hope to swim and train in between there workouts. It's going to be a busy 10 days.

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