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After a long rest

Budapest Week 12 - Tuesday

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I had to make a work trip to Biloxi today and could not make a direct flight work for my desired day trip so instead flew on an early flight to New Orleans and then drove to and from Biloxi. As a result, to do any kind of swim I had an even earlier than normal swim and was in the pool at 4:45 and had to finish at 5:30. I focused on speed power using the finis drag suit, and the power tower with 50lbs weights. I did rounds of 4 x 50s like last week. Unfortunately I was not as fast as last week but I was glad I did the workout.

Tomorrow I have several meetings in the morning and then my daughter and I drive to Austin for her TAGS meet.

I decided to continue my letter writing which went well at her last TAGS. I wrote her a short but heartfelt letter I will give her tomorrow telling her I am proud of her and the reasons why. I think I have said this before, but I have found writing very therapeutic and she liked my last letter so decided to give it another go.

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