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Swimming Through Jello

9/14/17 Workout

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by , September 14th, 2017 at 08:31 AM (114 Views)
Pool Workout

//Still feel the groin, no breaststroke for now. Doubled up on back because I've lost my touch on what used to be my best stroke!
//Sprint day today - I've written out a few weeks of two-per-week program leading up to the meet in November... going to do one longer distance aerobic day and one sprint day per week.

200 swim/200 kick/200 drill

12x25 :30 K/Dr/Build Fl/Bk/Fr/Bk
12x25 :30 Des 1-3 Fl/Bk/Fr/Bk (:13 fly, :14 back, :12 free, :13 high back)
16x25 :30 1-Underwater, 2-EZ, 3-Breakout, 4-EZ Fl/Bk/Fr/Bk

10 min vertical kick - :30 flutter, :15 dolphin, :15 rest
//A little harder to keep 195# afloat than 170#!

200 warmdown

1800 + 10min vert kick

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