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Swimming Through Jello

9/19/17 Workout

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by , September 19th, 2017 at 08:52 AM (112 Views)
Power went out due to a storm last night around 8:45. Called in an outage to the power company, opened all the windows and went to bed. 2am, wake up to loud voices and flashlights in the backyard, where the power company people were working. The dogs weren't happy, and it made it a bit tough to sleep, but they finally got everything restored to the block at 4:45. Just in time for me to go to the gym.

CrossFit Workout

Warmup - 500m row, stretching, PVC work

Strength - Deadlift
135/5, 225/3, 285/3, 330/3, 370/8
A) DL 285/10,10,10
B) 3x60m farmer's carry 75# dumbbell each hand

Conditioning - 5 Rounds - 12 OH lunges 75#, 6 toes to bar
3:53, descended pace each round

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