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Wed, Oct. 11

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Swim/SCY @ Pitt

I had to leave practice early to drive to Baltimore, so arrived early and did this before the official workout started:

Warm up:

500 various
100 scull
10 x 25 shooters @ :40
50 EZ

while they were doing 400 various, I did:
5 x 50 burst + cruise
50 EZ

Main sets:

16 x 25 @ :40
-- they were doing some pattern, but I did them 100 pace IM order with an easy one in the middle
-- my times seemed pretty fast, probably because we got to swim in the deep end bc the club kids weren't there

I really needed a 100 EZ here, but we went into:

1 x 300 IM, break :10 @ 75s
1 x 200 IM, break :5 @ 50s
1 x 100 IM
50 EZ

-- Way tooo much arm work for me, so I did them all up tempo backstroke kick.

2 rounds:
4 x 50 fly and back w/fins, hold best average @ 1:00
1 x 50 EZ @ 1:00

The first round was a disaster for me, I cramped on a couple efforts and only got out one fast 50. The second round, backstroke, was cramp free. I only did 3 of them but went 27, 27, 26. A best average set is a bit much for me after only 5 weeks of swimming ...

200 EZ

Total: 2800


I left to drive to Baltimore. The news wasn't quite as terrible as I feared. My left subclavian vein did re-close to some degree (which I could tell) after the venoplasty. (Apparently, there is a recoil effect.) But Dr. Lum estimates that it is 50% open. It was 70% closed before. The axillary vein on the right side is a dead loss, completely occluded. But the subclavian has opened a tiny bit more and I have a good collateral. The fact that I have a good collateral means that the problem has been brewing for years. I have to be on blood thinners until Thanksgiving (6 months post surgery). I will be happy to get off them! And swimming should not cause any further damage because the ribs, scalenes and pec minors are gone, decompressing the area and leaving more room for collaterals.

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